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A Poem: Love in the Cold

We like Star Trek in our house. Deep Space Nine was a particularly good series. Two favorite characters are the love birds Kira and Odo. What would Kira write about her partner? Here’s her new take on Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18; Summer’s Day.

Winter’s Day Sonnet

Shall I compare you to a winter’s day
You are equally fair yet twice as cold
Thoughts silent snow, nary a word you say
Sheets frozen on the line none can fold

Sometimes too brief the eye of heaven shines
When snowstorms of solitude you’ve sought
Your spirit is willing but your mouth says nein
Thus my soul’s fire and flames warm you not

Eternal winter frosts lips and cools heels
In lieu of an embrace I meet an ice shield
You repel emotion; know not how you feel
In your insulated parka you remain sealed.

No one can bend your no’s and perpetual declines
Perhaps I cannot be yours and nor you ever mine.

–Kira (Rebecca Cuningham) 9/26/21

The two Deep Space Nine characters, hot and cold, Kira and Odo, have immense tension until one day Odo initiates their fateful kiss in the hallway.

Happy Manic Monday!

Mental Wellness

Of -15C and Other Excuses…

I haven’t gone for a walk outside yet today. Today in Madison we have a temperature of 5F. I like how cold temperatures sound even more dramatic in Celsius. Five doesn’t sound warm by any stretch of the imagination, but saying -15C makes me shiver.

My favorite is the point where the two scales merge, at -40 C and F are equal. How do I know this? When I grew up in Minnesota, a week of -40 temperatures happened Every January. From experience, I found it’s a question of layers; at least three. The exterior layer is a parka or snow pants and knee high boots.

In college, I’d wait for the bus in those -40F temperatures. Five degrees F is 45 degrees warmer, so theoretically I should have no trouble getting myself out the door to exercise….

But during Covid I’m a hermit. Did I mention how much I miss our gym this winter? –Rebecca

Wind at Lake’s Edge Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Mental Wellness

Cross Country Skiing: The Joy of Snow

Our banks of snow were beginning to look drab and gray. Then, we had another two inches of snow last weekend. Time to cross country ski again!

A neighbor and I go once or twice a week. It is great exercise and the scenery is beautiful. The park where we ski is within walking distance. We lace up our boots and hoof it there carrying our gear. The first day of the season in December, latching the boots onto our skis was a challenge that took us a full 10 minutes and left us laughing. Each time we’re getting faster at putting them on and gliding over the snow. We’re not advanced skiers, but we have a lovely time.

We feel like the first people in the park, maybe even on earth, when we create our tracks in the snow. Walking home we chat about the snow, the birds, and life. Fun, while masked.

What is your favorite Covid-era exercise?

Happy Manic Monday! –Rebecca

Local Madison Park Winter Scene Photo: Rebecca Cuningham