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2 Weeks of Walking, Swimming, and Paddling

I barely moved for 14 months. I sat in a chair, read, blogged, got up once and a while to make family meals. Walking upstairs made me breathe heavily. That was me in the pandemic. Once in a while I masked up and took a walk or biked somewhere when the weather was good. Mostly, I got beyond cabin fever to not even want to leave the house. I certainly didn’t feel like swimming indoors.

This summer, I decided to reclaim the peace of mind that is fitness. It’s easier to be calmer when I’m getting exercise. I promised myself I would walk at least for 15 minutes a day, or swim as many laps as I could in the pool, paddle for an hour, or bike to do errands six days a week.

I am happy to say that now I have two weeks where I’ve accomplished my goal!

I sleep better, socialize more easily and feel better about myself when I’m active.

Also a plus, no more huffing and puffing up the stairs!

Do you have an exercise routine? Does it help your mental health?

Happy Manic Monday! –Rebecca

Kayak with Water Lily Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Mental Wellness

And I Find Myself Outdoors

I am more aware of the transformation in me that occurs when I spend time in nature every year that passes. Calm comes from the earth. When I walk, my cares fall away. My anger evaporates. Wisdom and purpose fill my mind and limbs. I’m certain how to embrace the day. The wind finds the kernel of love within me and breaks it open, spreading through me to family and community.

If I cannot walk, lying down upon green grass, sand, or snow connects me to the earth. Tendrils of my anxiety fall away until I know my own worth, my tiny cog of great merit within the universe. I relive the moment of creation, the hum of my soul love ready to act.

Each day the cosmos awaits us, we have only to take her starry hand.

Happy Manic Monday! –Rebecca

Marsh Mallard Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
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Manic Monday: 5 Healthful Hobbies

Online streaming is not my friend. I could watch videos endlessly until I have a headache from catatonic couch potatoing. What can help me return to bipedalism? What else might I do? Here are five activities I love.

Red Day Lilies Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

  1. Gardening: I lose all track of time when I’m gardening. Playing in the dirt is fun and the rewards are great; flowers!
  2. Photography: Finding new angles, inching up on butterflies, capturing nature in her beauty. This is another reward of #1; photographing the garden.
  3. Blogging: Meeting folks from Chile, Norway, India, China, Nigeria, Ireland, England Australia, Spain, Brazil, and more countries is delightful. The world is full of nice people.

    Wintry Little Free Library Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
  4. Walking: When I go around the block, I find flowers, ideas and sometimes books along the way. We have a neighborhood with 4 Little Free Libraries within two blocks of where we live. When I go further, say walk to the grocery store, I feel so darn proud of myself.
  5. Bicycling: In the summer, I challenge myself to ride my bike to go on errands that are less than two miles away. Last week, our child and I biked to the library to pick up our books on hold. You may notice a reading theme…another pastime.

All five of these activities help me relieve stress, pass the time enjoyably, and feel satisfaction. I feel happy when I create a post, take a picture, and get outside.

What are your hobbies?

It’s Manic Monday and that’s good news! –Rebecca

Purple Clematis Photo: Rebecca Cuningham