Mental Wellness

Dirt Under the Nails Set

I adore digging in the dirt. I like the loamy texture, the rich smells, the meditation of weeding.


I set my left foot, then my right on the shovel

years on kid stilts giving me me the balance

to wiggle back and forth leaning into it

then I hop off and up on the left again

for good measure, scoop dirt to the side

planting bulbs, perennials and vegetables.

–Rebecca Cuningham

Gaia’s Furrows

Good soil loved for years, whole century before me

the joy of color, of herbs, of growing food

the earth, present for all creatures and us the

stewards of her bounty; guardians of her waters

I lay my sanity at Gaia’s feet and she never fails me.

Every season has its task, its joys, its harmonies.

Rain and sun and snow bring us to life

we the tiny seeds so briefly on the earth.

The rhythm of the seasons matches our lives

Flower and pollinate while ye may.

For tomorrow is winter when tender stalks

sleep ‘neath blankets of snow til March.

–Rebecca Cuningham

Do you till the earth?

Happy Manic Monday! –Rebecca

Purple Clematis Photo: Rebecca Cuningham