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5 Tips to Organize your Way to Wellness

Let’s say you have a long-term medical condition. Mental health challenges fall in this category. A medication your doctor or psychiatrist prescribes can improve your life, if you take it. But, you forget, or aren’t sure if you took it, or ran out of pills days ago and haven’t returned to the pharmacy yet. Been there? I have. When we trip on our own feet, it’s hard to get well.

In the 28 years since my diagnosis, I’ve discovered patterns that support my wellness. These tips are what work for me:

Well-used pill minder  Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

  1. Sundays I use a pill minder to count out my pills for the week. Two good results; every day I know at a glance if I’ve taken my pills and I can see when I need refills with a week’s notice. You can find the size of pill minder to match your medication schedule.
  2. I take my medication at the same time each day, for me it is with breakfast.
  3. I have a small pill box in my computer bag or purse with one dose of medicine for eating breakfast out.
  4. I use my phone to remind me beginning two days before when it is time to pick up my prescriptions. I schedule the next month’s alarm when I pick up my monthly supply.
  5. I also schedule two day ahead phone calendar reminders for psychiatrist, doctor and therapist appointments. I set these up immediately on the day I make the appointment, even if it is three to six months out.

What are your organizational secrets for wellness? Please share below.

It’s Manic Monday and that’s good news! -Rebecca

Spanish pill minder  Photo: Rebecca Cuningham