Mental Wellness

3 Days of Rain

All the adults in our family are now fully vaccinated! Last weekend, my parents visited for the first time in 14 months. That was our longest separation ever. We cooked food on the grill, took a great walk and hugged each other a lot. A highlight of their visit was all of us working together to plant our vegetable plot. As we finished on Saturday, the rain began. We’ve had a good soaking rain day after day since. I’m off to the garden to see if any plants are peeking out of the ground. Happy days.

What are you up to in order to nurture your spirit?

Happy Manic Wednesday! –Rebecca

Mental Wellness

A Tree and Sky Meditation

I find that if I rest on the grass by the tamarack tree twins, the earth changes my mood. If I am troubled or tired, after a ten minute break stretched out, I feel revived. I feel supported and cradled by the lawn, the soil, the rock, the isthmus. The earth’s electromagnetic field calms me. The energy resets the cycle of my internal rhythm.

I look through the leaf needles of the trees toward the sky, tracking the clouds. I breathe in symbiosis with the twins, new carbon dioxide for fresh air. Deep breaths, we exchange in turn.

I feel alive and content.

What makes you feel content?

Happy Manic Monday! –Rebecca

Tamarack Sky Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
Mental Wellness

And I Find Myself Outdoors

I am more aware of the transformation in me that occurs when I spend time in nature every year that passes. Calm comes from the earth. When I walk, my cares fall away. My anger evaporates. Wisdom and purpose fill my mind and limbs. I’m certain how to embrace the day. The wind finds the kernel of love within me and breaks it open, spreading through me to family and community.

If I cannot walk, lying down upon green grass, sand, or snow connects me to the earth. Tendrils of my anxiety fall away until I know my own worth, my tiny cog of great merit within the universe. I relive the moment of creation, the hum of my soul love ready to act.

Each day the cosmos awaits us, we have only to take her starry hand.

Happy Manic Monday! –Rebecca

Marsh Mallard Photo: Rebecca Cuningham