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Are Introverts Secretly Thankful for Social Distancing?

When I head across the street to avoid maskless walkers on the sidewalk, no one thinks me unfriendly. When I enjoy small outdoor gatherings or Zoom meetings these past nine months, no one realizes I’m relieved to be an uncrowded space. The outdoor solstice walk outside our child’s school on Friday was perfect. I could talk to ten people, one at a time.

Myers-Briggs pegs me as an introvert. I prefer talking to people singly; no need to battle for verbal supremacy against a pack of big talkers. Gleefully, currently there are no crowded parties where the noise, heat and lack of oxygen drive me from the living room. In pre-Covid times, I’d flee and start washing dishes in the kitchen where there’s often more space and are fewer people. If the kitchen was packed, I’d escape outside to the patio.

Gigantic venues like stadiums or theaters with thousands of people talking at the same time during intermission? Run for the hills!

What I do miss are seeing friends in person and the hugs.

What about you; introvert or extrovert?

Happy Manic Monday! –Rebecca

Bright Bird Berries Photo: Rebecca Cuningham