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Making Friends During Covid

Wondering, is she smiling, frowning under her mask?

Not stopping to talk/exchange germs

Reduced lingering to chat due to social distancing

Can I really have a heart to heart over Zoom?

Too busy sanitizing my hands to wave?

These are a few of the hurdles.

Haven’t made a new friend face to face in two years. Thank goodness for blogging friends online and a few close long term friends.

Do you feel isolated?

I’d say yes, like never before. And you?

Happy Manic Monday? Rebecca

Mental Wellness

When Will I?

Look the person speaking in the eye and say, “Ouch, when you use the word crazy that way, to mean nutty, very or a lot, it really bothers me.” You wouldn’t use slurs against people of color, why use this pejorative term?

In the work lunchroom more than a decade ago, a guy from another department I barely knew said, “You’re crazy!”

I don’t remember what simple thing I said to prompt his outburst. But I got very mad at his response. I decided to go for the gold. I said, “Certifiable,” in a cold, clear voice that would have warned an observant person that I was livid.

Instead he was bending over in hysterics. “Ha ha, where’s your certificate?”

I said, “At home.” He continued to laugh. “Talk to you later,” I said as I turned heel and left the conversation.

What terms about mental health bother you?

Happy Manic Monday! -Rebecca

Mental Wellness

A Poem: Love in the Cold

We like Star Trek in our house. Deep Space Nine was a particularly good series. Two favorite characters are the love birds Kira and Odo. What would Kira write about her partner? Here’s her new take on Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18; Summer’s Day.

Winter’s Day Sonnet

Shall I compare you to a winter’s day
You are equally fair yet twice as cold
Thoughts silent snow, nary a word you say
Sheets frozen on the line none can fold

Sometimes too brief the eye of heaven shines
When snowstorms of solitude you’ve sought
Your spirit is willing but your mouth says nein
Thus my soul’s fire and flames warm you not

Eternal winter frosts lips and cools heels
In lieu of an embrace I meet an ice shield
You repel emotion; know not how you feel
In your insulated parka you remain sealed.

No one can bend your no’s and perpetual declines
Perhaps I cannot be yours and nor you ever mine.

–Kira (Rebecca Cuningham) 9/26/21

The two Deep Space Nine characters, hot and cold, Kira and Odo, have immense tension until one day Odo initiates their fateful kiss in the hallway.

Happy Manic Monday!

Mental Wellness

Every Little Thing I See

As a child I noticed flowers every once and a while when I came across them. As an adult they form the patchwork quilt of my thoughts. Every summer walk I am compelled to take photos of the flowers in our neighborhood. I find it difficult to pass by the opportunity to capture the fleeting floral images. I stop, I crouch, I stand on tip toe, I lean. Finding the camera angle and time of day to take the best picture is like a meditation. Results vary; a few photos shine, a few photos fail, but the time behind the lens brings me joy. Sharing photos on my websites has doubled my joy.

What do you love to do?

Happy Manic Moon-day! –Rebecca

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