Mental Wellness

When Will I?

Look the person speaking in the eye and say, “Ouch, when you use the word crazy that way, to mean nutty, very or a lot, it really bothers me.” You wouldn’t use slurs against people of color, why use this pejorative term?

In the work lunchroom more than a decade ago, a guy from another department I barely knew said, “You’re crazy!”

I don’t remember what simple thing I said to prompt his outburst. But I got very mad at his response. I decided to go for the gold. I said, “Certifiable,” in a cold, clear voice that would have warned an observant person that I was livid.

Instead he was bending over in hysterics. “Ha ha, where’s your certificate?”

I said, “At home.” He continued to laugh. “Talk to you later,” I said as I turned heel and left the conversation.

What terms about mental health bother you?

Happy Manic Monday! -Rebecca

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