Mental Wellness

Mid-Life Crisis Ahoy?

Ever want to chuck out everything? Friends, location, possessions?

I’m not happy with what I’m doing, how I’m doing it and with whom.

I want to buy a tiny cottage, tend a postage stamp garden and sell my books.

Total fantasy. I have commitments; a spouse and a child.

Why now? Well, it’s not the time of year.

It’s not Covid, not completely anyway.

I’m feeling a shift.

I want to get rid of 20 years of possessions and feel lighter.

I want to let go of acquaintances who don’t suit me.

I want to find new ones who do.

Goodbye old me.

New me, ahoy.

When do you like to shift gears?

Happy Manic Monday, Rebecca

10 thoughts on “Mid-Life Crisis Ahoy?”

  1. Good food for thought…looking for a do-over? A total change of lifestyle?

    My wife and I tokk care of our mothers for 27 out of our first 29 years of marriage. Our lives were focused on them. Everything we did our planned had to include their wellbeing. My mother-in-law died at age 93 and we had about two years before my mom joined us. Mom died in January of 2019 at age 92. After we held her graveside service in Ohio in June, I felt really strange. We had no one to take care of, no one to worry about if we made plans to go/do something for us. It felt weird. That lack of demand; that lack of constant planning/checking on/worrying about someone else was gone. I felt free in a strange way.

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    1. Wow, Larry, that’s a lot of caretaking time for parents. Bless you both for taking care of your moms so well! I am itching to spend a day Alone! Once I get vaccinated I plan to make that dream a reality, a little get-away, a little self-care, a little self-indulgence. Thanks for your comments.


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