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Today Is the Deadline

I’m quaking in my boots. Monday, 22 February by the end of the day is the deadline my manuscript editor set for herself to finish writing comments on my memoir. I hired her to proof my work before I send it out to agents as I look for representation. She is the fourth person to read Supergringa in Spain: A Coming of Age Memoir. What parts will she like? What should I cut? Is there a story I kept repeating?

Supergringa is the story of how living in another country for four months when I was 20 was a watershed for me. What I learned there is the cornerstone of who I am today. My time in Spain tested my values, revealed my culture and spotlighted US history.

Three things I learned that stuck with me:

  • I can travel alone, which surprised me.
  • I can rely on myself. That was a great confidence-building lesson to learn.
  • I can recover from mistakes.

If you’d like to know more, please click on the links below to my Fake Flamenco website. Thanks!

Happy Manic Monday! –Rebecca

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