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Of -15C and Other Excuses…

I haven’t gone for a walk outside yet today. Today in Madison we have a temperature of 5F. I like how cold temperatures sound even more dramatic in Celsius. Five doesn’t sound warm by any stretch of the imagination, but saying -15C makes me shiver.

My favorite is the point where the two scales merge, at -40 C and F are equal. How do I know this? When I grew up in Minnesota, a week of -40 temperatures happened Every January. From experience, I found it’s a question of layers; at least three. The exterior layer is a parka or snow pants and knee high boots.

In college, I’d wait for the bus in those -40F temperatures. Five degrees F is 45 degrees warmer, so theoretically I should have no trouble getting myself out the door to exercise….

But during Covid I’m a hermit. Did I mention how much I miss our gym this winter? –Rebecca

Wind at Lake’s Edge Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

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