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Tardy Terribly Tacky Tuesday

Yesterday I was all aflutter with hope for the festivities in Washington DC today. Then, in the afternoon, I received a note from Linked In that my former spouse wanted to join my network. Yikes, I was not pleased to see his name. We have been divorced for 29 years with no contact during that time. Well, none except for five years ago when he tried to Friend me on Facebook, for whatever selfish reasons I cannot imagine. That was when I learned how to limit my account to Friends Only.

This morning I learned how to block someone on Linked In, him. Goodbye again. I have celebrated the fact that this man and I bore no children together all those years ago. At least his addictions touched no child’s life, or thankfully none of mine. Blissfully, I am free to never see him or hear from him forever. Darn the social media kibosh in that plan. So he’s interrupted my life, once more. I am here on social media to promote my writing, not settle old scores. My north wind will blow the cloud of his self-absorption back to whence it came. Talk to the block. I don’t want anything from you, not a single word or deed. Nothing.

So, my readers, if you are thinking you want to contact your former love, spouse, soul mate. Do yourself and them a favor. Focus on your current life. Please. Or, you might ruin a good day for them; simply repeating the selfish pattern that ended the relationship in the first place.

Thank you for your comments and readership! –Rebecca

3 thoughts on “Tardy Terribly Tacky Tuesday”

  1. Good for you! My parents split in 1966 and mom put him so far out of her mind she didn’t recognize him when he showed up at my step dad’s funeral…32 years later! He came by to offer condolences, shook mom’s hand and left. Mom asked if I knew who he was. I laughed and said, “Ya, that’s dad.” Her comment, “I thought he was dead.”

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