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When Will Dawn Break?

I am lucky with sleep a lot of the time. There are weeks, however when my motor seems to get stuck at 2 or 4 am. Once I’m awake in that section of the night, my mind takes flight and doesn’t land again until 6 or 7 am. Then I fall into a deep slumber and don’t hear the alarm.

Why does this happen?

  1. Chocolate after 3 pm
  2. Sugar from desert
  3. Worry about health, wealth, relationships

Last night was one of those nights. Family birthday party for our child, chocolate cupcakes… At 1:45 am my legs wanted a track to run. I read Howl’s Moving Castle while doing leg lifts. Once I finished two more chapters, I felt ready to rest. It was Sunday, I slept in until 9.

Other early mornings I journal or stay in bed planning my day. I often think I’ll call my wake-at-dawn friend, but I fall asleep as they get up around 6 am.

Hopscotch on my pillow

Easy Two, Four, Six, Ten

Spin Nine, Five, Three

I’m awake again.

Mid clock numbers set me free

thoughts corralled into pen

Cradling and slumber me,

Again zzz, again zzz, again.

-Rebecca Cuningham, 3 January 2021

What is your recipe for good sleep?

Happy Manic Monday! –Rebecca

Sun reflecting in a pond Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

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