Mental Wellness

And I Find Myself Outdoors

I am more aware of the transformation in me that occurs when I spend time in nature every year that passes. Calm comes from the earth. When I walk, my cares fall away. My anger evaporates. Wisdom and purpose fill my mind and limbs. I’m certain how to embrace the day. The wind finds the kernel of love within me and breaks it open, spreading through me to family and community.

If I cannot walk, lying down upon green grass, sand, or snow connects me to the earth. Tendrils of my anxiety fall away until I know my own worth, my tiny cog of great merit within the universe. I relive the moment of creation, the hum of my soul love ready to act.

Each day the cosmos awaits us, we have only to take her starry hand.

Happy Manic Monday! –Rebecca

Marsh Mallard Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

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