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Mind ZZZ Gap

An Afternoon Nap

Around 3 pm, my attention span wanes. Heavy eyelids, nesting behaviors, yawns. If I have the time, I grab a blanket and snooze for half an hour. When I was 4 or 5, I stopped taking naps to my mother’s dismay. My child did the same thing! I guess I am making up for my missed naps now. Time to rest improves my mood and attention span.

Mind the ZZZ Gap

Don’t have the app?
Life give you a zap?
Go take a nap.
Put on a c-pap.
Don your night cap.
Go take a nap.
Employment mishap?
Spouse making a flap?
Go take a nap.
Need another REM lap?
Upgrade your neural map?
Go take a nap.
That’s a wrap, zzz.

–Rebecca Cuningham, 25 October 2020

Do you take naps from time to time?

It’s Manic Monday, and that’s a good thing. –Rebecca

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