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Mania: 7 Symptoms

The irony of mania is that it can be uplifting; you may feel great, ebullient, joyful. People  who experience the depressive side of bipolar most often may find that a blessing and a relief. Sometimes, I wish I could capture a bit of mania’s unbridled confidence and energy to use on a sunless day. What are signs a manic episode is imminent or present?

Mania Symptoms

  1. Need very little sleep: 3-5 hours a night
  2. Eat one meal a day but are full of energy
  3. Can’t stop talking, in bursts of words
  4. Overdraft your checking account with spontaneous purchases.
  5. Easily annoyed with people who don’t understand this wonderful feeling/plan you have
  6. No sense of danger; hazardous, unprecedented actions
  7. Have 200% confidence in yourself

Sound familiar? One or two, it’s just an off day. Three or more, get help soon. My symptoms of hypomania are the first, third and fourth items above. They are my early warnings. I’ve communicated them to the people closest to me so they can help me mirror my reality once I start on the path to mania. I know I won’t see it otherwise.

An important point to make about this illness is that we do not act rationally; our brain tricks us. We believe we are following a spiritual path, a quest, a divine plan. It is difficult to convince us of our logical fallacies. Our trust in a dear friend, partner, or neighbor may just save our lives, when we give them permission to rein us in.

What are your symptoms of mania?

It’s manic Monday and that’s good news! -Rebecca






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