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Manic Monday: 5 Healthful Hobbies

Online streaming is not my friend. I could watch videos endlessly until I have a headache from catatonic couch potatoing. What can help me return to bipedalism? What else might I do? Here are five activities I love.

Red Day Lilies Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
  1. Gardening: I lose all track of time when I’m gardening. Playing in the dirt is fun and the rewards are great; flowers!
  2. Photography: Finding new angles, inching up on butterflies, capturing nature in her beauty. This is another reward of #1; photographing the garden.
  3. Blogging: Meeting folks from Chile, Norway, India, China, Nigeria, Ireland, England Australia, Spain, Brazil, and more countries is delightful. The world is full of nice people.

    Wintry Little Free Library Photo: Rebecca Cuningham
  4. Walking: When I go around the block, I find flowers, ideas and sometimes books along the way. We have a neighborhood with 4 Little Free Libraries within two blocks of where we live. When I go further, say walk to the grocery store, I feel so darn proud of myself.
  5. Bicycling: In the summer, I challenge myself to ride my bike to go on errands that are less than two miles away. Last week, our child and I biked to the library to pick up our books on hold. You may notice a reading theme…another pastime.

All five of these activities help me relieve stress, pass the time enjoyably, and feel satisfaction. I feel happy when I create a post, take a picture, and get outside.

What are your hobbies?

It’s Manic Monday and that’s good news! –Rebecca

Purple Clematis Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

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